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We are dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs for success. We look for great people with amazing business opportunities in need of help. We bring a combination of strategic advice, operational experience, and deep corporate strategies acumen to develop and execute business plans that work, attract exponential growth, and end up building valuable businesses.

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Your Growth Partner is one of the leading management consulting firms. We work with executives to help them make better decisions and deliver the sustainable success they desire. We are passionate about achieving better results for our clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring.


  • Website Development

    Website Development

    Do you need a clean, professional and future-proof website design? You have found the answer with our expert web design
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  • ISO Consulting

    ISO Consulting

    YGP is a consulting firm, servicing all ISO 9001, AS 4801, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 13485 and AS 5377
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    Audit Services

    YGP, well known mid sized audit firm and tax consultant in Bangalore, India has been providing audit services over the
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    Compliance for factory/ company/ firm requires enormous efforts on the administrative front. The Effective monitoring system should be in place
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    Our comprehensive manpower services address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from contingent and permanent staffing to talent management,
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    Whether naming a company or branding a corporate division, the right brand identity makes all the difference. From the initial
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Our team pairs local market knowledge with global best practices and expertise to help companies successfully tackle their greatest challenges. Our partners work closely with business leaders, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. We engage all levels of an organization from day one, building momentum and capabilities to sustain the success we create together.


Your Growth Partner

YGP's unique work culture is its differentiator. We are very serious about our work but do not take ourselves too seriously. We are down-to-earth, approachable and fun-loving.

Our passion drives us to constantly redefine boundaries in one of the most exciting economies of the world. This has helped us deliver results that are measurable, establishing YGP's credibility in the Indian market.

We roll up our sleeves, understand the situation and help figure out what needs to be done.We have an unparalleled depth of experienced leaders who can take charge during difficult times.We help business leaders to do the right deal at the right time, the right way.

Product based startup and it's challenges

Developing a successful product line doesn’t have to be a fumble in the dark.

S-marketing a winning strategies

Integrated Sales-and-Marketing (S-marketing) Strategy

Template for Social Media Control

Extensive work on social media marketing, we realized to setup a control parameter for effective control of social media network. Download the template

Secret of building your youtube audience

Building an engaged audience on YouTube isn’t exactly as simple as uploading a few videos and watching your subscriber count instantly climb into the millions.

Our Strategic Advice,
Structure and Follow Through


Through our proprietary business assessment tool called Vital Signs, we help to clearly define the health of the business, taking stock of all key dimensions and identifying the most significant opportunities, issues, and risks.


Having worked with hundreds of business leaders, we provide a safe learning environment for receiving feedback, building confidence, seeking advice, and maintaining accountability through periods of transition.


Leveraging deep sector expertise, we help to formulate clear and realistic strategies for value creation, the sequencing of key tactics and priorities, as well as defining the required resources.


Based on years of experience and relevant sector knowledge, our mission is to conduct a thorough and objective assessment of the opportunity being considered.

  • Big Opportunities

    When the size of the opportunity exceeds the capacity and/or capability of the business, we can support with experienced professionals who get the job done.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Whether on the buying or selling side, we help assess the various options, develop decision criteria, pursue suitable deal structures, support due diligence activities etc.

  • New Business

    Ramping up a new business requires a series of important decisions, access to a range of different professional advisors, and building the foundation for future growth, all with limited staff and financial resources in “start-up” mode.

  • Your Growth Partner

    We are Experienced, Resourceful, Objective. Insightful, Persistent, Results-Driven

Marketing and sales teams have a reputation for not getting along. Working towards the same ultimate goal in different ways means there is often friction. We’ve all heard that when the sales are coming in it’s because the sales team is doing a great job and when the sales slow then the marketing team needs to pull its socks up. How do we fix this? The key levers are regular and open communication, an understanding that each team needs the other in order to succeed, and well-implemented systems that help, rather than hinder performance for both teams.

Just a few years ago, HubSpot coined the term “smarketing,” which captures the notion of an integrated sales and marketing strategy. Back then, it was an aspirational idea. Today, it has become a necessary reality. Many companies are scrambling -- and struggling -- to put an effective smarketing strategy in place. To overcome this challenge, consider one thing: alignment.

The first step is to get sales and marketing teams in agreement about who the target audiences are and what the pain points are that the product is solving. Once buyer personas are determined, marketers and salespeople should agree on specific and quantitative definitions of a lead: How does each team define a qualified lead? Co-creating these definitions puts everyone on the same page and eliminates complaints and accusations down the road about “bad” leads.

The next step in creating a strong smarketing strategy is to agree on the numbers. As a founder, you should oversee team's progress in creating a two-way sales-marketing service-level agreement (SLA) which defines how each team will help and support the other. The agreement includes a commitment from marketing on the number of leads that will be generated, rules for how fast sales will follow-up on leads and actions to be taken to engage with prospects.

Depending on your organization, an SLA could look like this:

• Marketing will deliver 75 leads per product, per month.

• Sales will make its first attempt to engage with a lead within five business hours, but will make no more than four attempts in 16 days.

Once joint success is clearly outlined, with quantitative factors, the final step is to live and breathe the data. Use dashboards (CRM tool) to create transparency between marketing and sales, quickly visualize the lead pipeline and identify where and when challenges arise. Marketing and sales have the same goal: increase revenue. It’s time for the two divisions to come together, make agreements on how each department can help the other and create a culture of honesty and transparency. Now, it’s high time that these people and processes step up and adapt to the changing B2B market.


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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Written byEr. Santosh G
on 16 May 2016
Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration in India

Written byEr. Santosh G
on 16 May 2016