Er. Santosh G

Er. Santosh G

Er. Santosh G is ITIL V0.3, Six Sigma, Project Management and ISO 27001 certified Business and Management consultant and mentors with one and half decade of experience. He is a B.Tech Graduate in Mechanical and Master of Business Administration. His experience is not limited to Software Development; Product Design; Solution Design, Sales and Implementation; Turn-Key Project Management; Business and Management Consulting; and Implementation of BPM, JIT, Lean process or framework;  Building Sustainable Service Delivery mechanism; Business registration and compliance  consulting across sectors like corporate, cooperative banking / multi-purpose multi-state co-operative society, education and skill training; etc.

He received the merit scholarship from ONGC for his management. He contributed extensively to building Skill and Startup support eco-system across India. He was awarded for his contribution towards skill development by 24MRC Network at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi and later he was also awarded under Enterprise categories for his contribution to start-ups eco-system.

He served NCVT, DGET under Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India, New Delhi as Expert Member for three years. During his tenure, NCVT redesigned and upgraded Syllabus, Examination Pattern and Semester based approach for its recognized ITI and ITC and also incorporated various unique programs for supporting skill certified resources in than challenging labor incentive manufacturing sector.

He is the author of: “Bootstrapping Your Way to Success: Startups”.

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Nov-II: Updates on Social Media Tools and Techniques

Your Growth Partner. We are Listening

We are dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs for success. We look for great people with amazing business opportunities in need of help. We bring a combination of strategic advice, operational experience, and deep corporate strategies acumen to develop and execute business plans that work, attract exponential growth, and end up building valuable businesses.

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Framework for Marketing and Sales Content Strategy

B2B selling organizations face a grievous challenge creating and managing content that affects the achiever of new customer acquisition and fruitful revenue development, as well as tactical marketing and selling initiatives.

The Internet and changes to customer behavior have constituted content a strategic imperative and key driver of strategic business objectives, however;

Improve your social media Return on Investment

Ascertain the most efficient ways to step-up social ROI

Indeed, you acknowledge that social media is a decisive component of your customers’ lives. You’ve arrived a social media plan going, but you’re not encountering great effects just yet. Possibly you are still working out the best channels for achieving your target audience, or perhaps you’re still acquiring about what content is most engaging.

Best Customer Acquisition Channels for your Online Business

We all require customers to build our online business work. Whether you have a couple of customers or thousand prospects visiting your website, how you acquire them and change it into a customer is what is crucial. This causes Customer Acquisition an important aspect of your online business.

Choosing the right customer acquisition channel that gets a sale is consequently crucial. The key to realizing customer acquisition process is to distinguish how, where and why your prospect audience buys and engage with the channel efficaciously.

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Business Registration: Partnership v/s Company v/s LLP

Selection of business entity is the first legal decision taken by an Entrepreneur while starting a new business. With the introduction of the Limited Liability Partnership Act and the Companies Act, 2013, more choices of business entities are now available. Therefore, it is important for the Entrepreneur or Promoter to understand the pros and cons of each of the business entity and choose the right one. Among the choice of For-Profit entities available like Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, One Person Company, Private Limited Company and Limited Company, a few are ideal for most Entrepreneurs. In this article, we compare those types of entities viz. Proprietorship vs Partnership vs LLP vs Private Limited Company vs One Person Company.

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