Find business/consumer leads to market any business

Your business is always in search of leads, but those leads are hard to come by organically. You must use a tool that will search for leads on your behalf while you manage your business. YGP Leads extractor finds targeted consumer leads and business leads according to your given search criteria. Each lead record includes full contact details of people or organizations which you are looking for, such as the individual/business name, linkedin connection URL, mailing address, email, phone number, website address, country, region, locality on google maps etc. You can give UNLIMITED search criteria are like "Day Care Centers in Houston, USA" and save the results to MS Excel, CSV, Txt for your marketing.

Enter Target Keywords

You must enter keywords & geographic locations of your target audience eg:"web design company" or "Plumbers" in "dallas, texas, USA" to the system to start generating leads

Find Leads

The software searches for leads based on your keywords list from the target geography using the Google Cloud API

Export Results

You can save the generated leads to MS Excel (csv) or .txt. The data includes full details - Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Website Address, Linkedin Profile URL, Organization Name, Postal Address, Zip Code, Country, Region, Location on google maps etc

Send Bulk Email/SMS

Convert the leads to sales by importing the (.csv) to your CRM software or by sending bulk emails to them through the Email Marketer AddON Provided by YGP at Extra cost.

Most Important Questions

Do I first enjoy the 30 days trial before I make payment?

Offcourse. the trial version of a software is fully functional except that you cannot save the results to MS Excel / .txt file. But you can know how accurately it extracts the contact details of the people you need by looking the results in Grid View for each search you do. Many people don’t know what keywords/locations to use to get targeted leads and may get wonder with the results in their FIRST use. We suggest you connect us by email or whatsapp so that our experts will let you know how to use keyword finder tool and wikipedia to find the suitable keywords & locations combinations.

What is system specifications needed to install YGP Leads Extractor (YGP LE)?

YGP LE was found working fine in Win 10, win 8.1, win 7 SP1/SP2, win XP SP3, win 7 and win 8 until now. For MAC users or other OS users, we offer RDP access to use YGP LE - See the point below this FAQ.

What are the basic features would I be getting when I make payment?

When you make payment, we issue a license key. You can open the trial version software you have downloaded and click the Register tab in the first small box displayed and enter the license key to convert the software into full version. Once converted to full version, the software will have all the features and you can also export the results to MS Excel / .TXT.

What do you mean by one-lifetime license?

Using One license you can install YGP LE in only one single PC and can extract UNLIMITED leads for lifetime (50 years). To install YGP LE in another PC, you need to obtain additional license.

What happens when I format my system or change my PC?

When you format the system or change your computer, you can send us an email from your registered email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for license key re-issue. We will then de-activate your old license key and issue new license key free of cost which you can use in your new PC.

How long will it take to receive the product key after payment?

License keys will be issued within 2 working hours after your payment is confirmed.

What are payment options you support?

We accept payment through direct bank transfer via netbanking.

My results are showing all details except the email addresses? What to do?

For extraction of email address you need to turn on the "Display leads with Email" check box in the search window. When the check box is turned on, extraction will become slow. Many customers are using this software to extract mobile numbers to send bulk sms and for linkedin marketing and requires high speed of extracting leads with linkedin connection url. That is the reason why we have disabled this option by default.

How can I generate more keywords using keyword finder tool? Using above tool, if you give a keyword, then you will find similar keywords.

Will YGP Leads Extractor work on proxies?

YGP Leads Extractor uses direct Google APIs to extract leads. We pay google from our master account for the leads extracted by our customers. There is no need of proxy since the extraction is not done using normal search engine like the other conventional extractors. Data extracted using Google API will be 100% accurate and don’t require validation before sending bulk emails.

What is the limitation of free version?

In free version you can extract leads and view it. To export the results to MS Excel / .TXT you need to upgarde the software.

Will YGP Leads Extractor works on MAC or Other operating systems?

For MAC and other operating system users we offer remote desktop access to our windows server where YGP Leads Extractor is installed. RDP Server cost is $19 / month. Users who purchase RDP can access YGP Leads Extractor from any device and there is no need of turning on their devices while extraction is going on. Speed of extraction will be very high in RDP when compared with normal desktop PC. Many desktop PC users prefer RDP due to the fact that large number of data can be extracted in a very short period of time.

Can I extract both business and consumer leads in same extractor software? Do I need to install separate software?

You need to install YGP Email Extractor to extract consumer/individual leads by clicking the link "Consumer Leads Extractor" inside the software.

Can I add multiple keywords? Is there any import option to add more keywords?

You can add the unlimited number of keywords and locations combinations in a single search. The more keywords/locations you add higher will be the extraction time.

I find only 60 results in my search result. How do i increase my leads count?

Method #1: If your search location is Texas, Type in google "Regions in Texas" and from the results, take the website "". You will find the various regions in Texas. Give each region in location text box in YGP Leads Extractor and click "Add". After adding all regions, Click "Start Search". Then you will more lead for Texas.

Method #2: If your search keyword is "web Design Company", got and put that keyword in the text box, you will find similar keywords. Export it to csv. Then add all the keywords to YGP Leads Extractor and start search. YGP Leads Extractor will automatically remove duplicate results.