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We provide various educational workshops on latest trends & technologies for Engineering Students, Management Aspirants, IT Professionals, College Students and Working People.

We currently have more that 35 Workshops on latest and on demand topics including on technical & non-technical topic which will help them in getting good opportunities in Industry in terms of future aspects as well help them in updating their knowledge with the current technology.

Mechanical Engineering Workshops

1. 3D Printing

2. Advanced Automobile Mechanics

3. ANSYS for Mechanical

4. AutoCAD 2D & 3D

5. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

6. IC Engine Overhauling

7. Industrial Automation (PLC-SCADA)

8. Solid Works

9. Vehicle Reconstruction

CSE/IT Workshops

1. 3D Game Development

2. Android Application Development

3. AI & Machine Learning Workshop

4. Big Data & Hadoop

5. Cloud Computing

6. Computer Vision Technology

7. Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation

8. Data Mining

9. Desktop App Using Python & PyQt

10. Device Driver Development

11. Ethical Hacking Workshop

12. Internet of Things

13. Network simulator 2 & 3

14. Python Programming

15. R- Programming Language

16. Tableau BI

17. Virtual Reality

18. WEB Development

19. WhatsApp Hacking

20. LINUX Security

Electrical & Electronics Workshops

1. Advanced Wireless Communication

2. CAN SAT Designing

3. Device Driver Development

4. Digital Circuit Implementation-FPGA

5. Digital Image Processing with MATLAB

6. Electrical CAD

7. Embedded System

8. Embedded System Advanced

9. Industrial Automation (PLC-SCADA)

10. Internet of Things


12. Arduino (Open Source)

13. PCB Designing

14. Power System Optimization

15. Wireless Sensor Networks

Robotics Workshops

1. Self Driving Car Workshop

2. Brain Wave Controlled Robot

3. Sixth Sense Robotics

4. Maze Solver Robotics

5. IoTBotix

6. App Controlled Robotics

7. Swarm Robotics

8. Servant Robotics

9. Satellite Robotics

10. Line Follower Robotics

Civil Engineering Workshops

1. Bridge Designing

2. Construction & Project Management


4. Pipe Designing

5. Primavera

6. Revit Architecture

7. STAAD Pro

8. Tall Building Designing

9. Transportation Engineering

10. Foundation Analysis

Management Workshops

1. Business Etiquette & Personal Grooming

2. Campus to Corporate Workshop

3. Digital Marketing Workshop

4. Entrepreneurship & Business Management

5. Stock Marketing & Investment

6. Webpreneurship Workshop

Training On

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Training

3. Python Training

4. Big Data & Hadoop

5. Data Science with Python

6. Advance Embedded System Training

7. Android App Development Training

8. Arduino Training

9. Raspberry Pi Training

10. Robotics & Embedded System Training

Faculty Development Program

With the Technology changing at high speed, actually, accelerating, there is utmost pressure on teachers to update themselves with the latest technology and to give that knowledge to their students.

Training on the latest technology by our dedicated training experts to teaching faculty will give teachers an insight of today’s technology. So teachers can merge textbook with the knowledge outside of the textbook and can have a better interaction with students and thus, students come up with fresh and creative ideas. This is the real beauty of education. We contribute to making the real beauty of education turn alive and thus, proudly offer Faculty Development Program (FDP).

Faculty Development Program by our Tech experts helps teachers to gain knowledge of today’s technology.